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Sprinter van diagnostics and repairs have become a specialized field for Jacques ‘Mobile US’.   Glenn has years of experience and training from a renowned ambulance company that uses Sprinter vehicles in their fleet.   Glenn was responsible for maintaining these vehicles to perform at peak performance at 300,00 miles plus.  Glenn took pride in assuring that each vehicle that left the shop would be able to perform in a time of emergency, when it was critical for them to operate at peak performance.

 Sprinter vehicles stand-alone and are an elite example in automotive repair and the need for a qualified auto technician in diagnosing and repairing their complex systems.  Glenn makes it easy for you with his mobile auto repair service.

Very few shops understand this complicated vehicle and parts are not readily available locally.

Years of extensive hands on experience and specialized Mercedes Sprinter training have given Glenn the knowledge to diagnose, maintain and repair these vehicles.

 Jacques ‘Mobile US’ auto repair is available to handle all types of Sprinter repairs and can quickly get your Sprinters back on the road.  Our Mobile Sprinter Repair service allows us to come to you at your convenience.

 Jacques ‘Mobile US’ is your one call in diagnosing and repairing your Sprinter. 

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